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Material Dynamics
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David Chidester
University of California Press
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Preface Introduction: Material Dynamics PART I CATEGORIES 1. Animism 2. Sacred 3. Space 4. Time 5. Incongruity PART II FORMATIONS 6. Culture 7. Economy 8. Colonialism 9. Imperialism 10. Apartheid PART III CIRCULATIONS 11. Shamans 12. Mobility 13. Popular 14. Touching 15. Oceans Conclusion: Dynamic Materiality Notes Index
Religion: Material Dynamics is a lively resource for thinking about religious materiality and the material study of religion. Deconstructing and reconstructing religion as material categories, social formations, and mobile circulations, the book explores the making, ordering, and circulating of religious things. The book is divided into three sections: Part One revitalizes basic categories-animism and sacred, space and time-by situating them in their material production and testing their analytical viability. Part Two examines religious formations as configurations of power that operate in material cultures and cultural economies and are most clearly shown in the power relations of colonialism and imperialism. Part Three explores the material dynamics of circulation through case studies of religious mobility, change, and diffusion as intimate as the body and as vast as the oceans. Each chapter offers insightful orientations and surprising possibilities for studying material religion. Exploring the material dynamics of religion from poetics to politics, David Chidester provides an entry into the study of material religion that will be welcomed by students and specialists in religious studies, anthropology, and history.

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