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The Global Edge

Miami in the Twenty-First Century
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Alejandro Portes
University of California Press
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List of Illustrations List of Tables Acknowledgments Prescript: In the Eye of the Storm, 1992 1. Introduction: A City in Flux 2. The Demography and Ecology of the City 3. Between Transience and Attachment 4. The Economic Surge 5. Crime and Victimization in Miami 6. A Bifurcated Enclave 7. Miami through Latin American Eyes 8. The Ethnic Mosaic and the Power Elite 9. Driving into the Flood Postscript Notes References Index
Over the last quarter century, no other city like Miami has rapidly transformed into a global city. The Global Edge charts the social tensions and unexpected consequences of this remarkable process of change. Acting as a follow-up to the highly successful City on the Edge, The Global Edge examines Miami in the context of globalization and scrutinizes its newfound place as a major international city. Written by two well-known scholars in the field, the book examines Miami's rise as a finance and banking center and the simultaneous emergence of a highly diverse but contentious ethnic mosaic. The Global Edge serves as a case study of Miami's present cultural, economic, and political transformation, and describes how its future course can provide key lessons for other metropolitan areas throughout the world.

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