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Learning from Each Other

Refining the Practice of Teaching in Higher Education
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Michele Lee Kozimor-King
University of California Press
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Acknowledgments Foreword by Michael Reder Introduction Michele Lee Kozimor-King and Jeffrey Chin Part I. Curricular Innovations 1. The Science of Learning in a Social Science Context Melinda Messineo 2. Pedagogical Techniques for Creating a Community of Inquiry in Online Learning Environments Andrea N. Hunt 3. Co-Teaching: Risks and Rewards Renee Monson and Kristy Kenyon 4. A Collaborative Aff air: Connecting Students with the Community through Research Michele Lee Kozimor-King and Barbara Prince 5. Strategies and Resources for Internationalizing the Curriculum Christine K. Oakley 6. Flipping Out: Understanding the Effects of a General Education Flipped Classroom on Student Success Craig Douglas Albert, Stacie K. Pettit, and Christopher Terry 7. Reaching and Teaching "Nontraditional" Students in Community Colleges and Beyond Sara Parker 8. Addressing Learner Variability on Campus through Universal Design for Learning Shannon Haley-Mize Part II. Classroom Techniques 9. Without Apology: Reclaiming the Lecture Diane L. Pike 10. Scribes in the Classroom: Effectively Using PowerPoint to Enhance the Classroom Experience Monica R. Sylvia and Brenda J. Kirby 11. Discussion in the Social Science Classroom Jay R. Howard 12. Facilitating Learning and Leadership in Student Team Projects Dennis O'Connor 13. Courting Controversy and Allowing for Awkward: Strategies for Teaching Difficult Topics Mari Plikuhn 14. Becoming a Culturally Inclusive Educator Dena R. Samuels 15. The Value of Games and Simulations in the Social Sciences Amanda M. Rosen 16. Putting the Student at the Center: Contemplative Practices as Classroom Pedagogy Tracey Wenger Sadd Part III. Out-of-class Situations 17. Student Reading Compliance and Learning in the Social Sciences Jay R. Howard 18. Cultivating Engagement and Deepening Understanding While Leaving the Textbook Behind Robin G. Isserles Part IV. Assessment 19. (Re-)Creating Your Course: Backward Design and Assessment Melinda Messineo 20. "Am I Grading Consistently and Effectively?": Developing and Using Rubrics Shirley A. Jackson 21. Defining and Implementing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Jeffrey Chin Contributors Index
Learning from Each Other includes 20 original chapters written by well-known experts in the field of teaching and learning. Conceived for both new and experienced faculty at community colleges, four-year institutions, and research-intensive universities, the volume also addresses the interests of faculty and graduate students in programs designed to prepare future faculty and campus individuals responsible for faculty professional development. With the aim of cultivating engagement amongst students and deepening their understanding of the content, topics covered in this edited volume include:

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