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Can't Catch a Break

Gender, Jail, Drugs, and the Limits of Personal Responsibility
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Susan Starr Sered
University of California Press
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List of IllustrationsList of TablesAcknowledgmentsIntroduction1. "Joey Spit on Me": How Gender Inequality and Sexual Violence Make Women Sick2. "Nowhere to Go": Poverty, Homelessness, and the Limits of Personal Responsibility3. "The Little Rock of the North": Race, Gender, Class, and the Consequences of Mass Incarceration4. Suffer the Women: Pain and Perfection in a Medicalized World5. "It's All in My Head": Suffering, PTSD, and the Triumph of the Therapeutic6. Higher Powers: The Unholy Alliance of Religion, Self-Help Ideology, and the State7. "Suffer the Children": Fostering the Caste of the Ill and Afflicted8. Gender, Drugs, and Jail: "A System Designed for Us to Fail"Conclusion: The Real Questions and a Blueprint for Moving ForwardAppendix: Methodology and Project Participant OverviewNotesReferencesIndex
Based on five years of fieldwork in Boston, Can't Catch a Break documents the day-to-day lives of forty women as they struggle to survive sexual abuse, violent communities, ineffective social and therapeutic programs, discriminatory local and federal policies, criminalization, incarceration, and a broad cultural consensus that views suffering as a consequence of personal flaws and bad choices. Combining hard-hitting policy analysis with an intimate account of how marginalized women navigate an unforgiving world, Susan Sered and Maureen Norton-Hawk shine new light on the deep and complex connections between suffering and social inequality.

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