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The Ethnographic State

France and the Invention of Moroccan Islam
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Edmund Burke
University of California Press
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AcknowledgmentsMapIntroduction: Inventing Moroccan IslamPART ONEETHNOGRAPHIC MOROCCO1 France and the Sociology of Islam, 1798-18902 The Algerian Origins of Moroccan Studies, 1890-19033 The Political Origins of the Moroccan Colonial Archive4 When Paradigms Shift: Political and Discursive Contexts of the Moroccan Question5 Tensions of Empire, 1900-1912 PART TWONATIVE POLICY MOROCCO6 Social Research in the Technocolony, 1912-19257 Berber Policy: Tribe and State8 Urban Policy: Fez and the Muslim CityPART THREEGOVERNMENTAL MOROCCO9 The Invention of Moroccan Islam10 From the Ethnographic State to Moroccan IslamAbbreviationsNotesA Note on SourcesBibliographyIndex
Alone among Muslim countries, Morocco is known for its own national form of Islam, "Moroccan Islam." However, this pathbreaking study reveals that Moroccan Islam was actually invented in the early twentieth century by French ethnographers and colonial officers who were influenced by British colonial practices in India. Between 1900 and 1920, these researchers compiled a social inventory of Morocco that in turn led to the emergence of a new object of study, Moroccan Islam, and a new field, Moroccan studies. In the process, they resurrected the monarchy and reinvented Morocco as a modern polity. This is an important contribution for scholars and readers interested in questions of orientalism and empire, colonialism and modernity, and the invention of traditions.

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