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Reimagining Global Health

An Introduction
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Paul Farmer
University of California Press
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List of Illustrations and TablesPreface by Paul Farmer1. Introduction: A Biosocial ApproachPaul Farmer, Jim Yong Kim, Arthur Kleinman, Matthew Basilico2. Unpacking Global Health: Theory and CritiqueBridget Hanna, Arthur Kleinman3. Colonial Medicine and Its LegaciesJeremy Greene, Marguerite Thorp Basilico, Heidi Kim, Paul Farmer4. Health for All? Competing Theories and GeopoliticsMatthew Basilico, Jonathan Weigel, Anjali Motgi, Jacob Bor, Salmaan Keshavjee5. Redefining the Possible: The Global AIDS ResponseLuke Messac, Krishna Prabhu6. Building an Effective Rural Health Delivery Model in Haiti and RwandaPeter Drobac, Matthew Basilico, Luke Messac, David Walton, Paul Farmer7. Scaling Up Effective Delivery Models WorldwideJim Yong Kim, Michael Porter, Joseph Rhatigan, Rebecca Weintraub, Matthew Basilico, Paul Farmer8. The Unique Challenges of Mental Health and MDRTB: Critical Perspectives on Metrics of Disease BurdenAnne Becker, Anjali Motgi, Jonathan Weigel, Giuseppe Raviola, Salmaan Keshavjee, Arthur Kleinman9. Values and Global HealthArjun Suri, Jonathan Weigel, Luke Messac, Marguerite Thorp Basilico, Matthew Basilico, Bridget Hanna, Salmaan Keshavjee, Arthur Kleinman10. Taking Stock of Foreign AidPaul Farmer, Jonathan Weigel, Matthew Basilico11. Global Health Priorities for the Early Twenty-First CenturyJonathan Weigel, Matthew Basilico, Vanessa Kerry, Madeleine Ballard, Anne Becker, Gene Bukhman, Ophelia Dahl, Andy Ellner, Louise Ivers, David Jones, John Meara, Joia Mukherjee, Amy Sievers, Alyssa Yamamoto, Paul Farmer12. A Movement for Global Health Equity?Matthew Basilico, Vanessa Kerry, Luke Messac, Arjun Suri, Jonathan Weigel, Marguerite Thorp Basilico, Joia Mukherjee, Paul FarmerAppendix: Declaration of Alma-AtaNotesNotes on ContributorsAcknowledgmentsIndex
Bringing together the experience, perspective and expertise of Paul Farmer, Jim Yong Kim, and Arthur Kleinman, Reimagining Global Health provides an original, compelling introduction to the field of global health. Drawn from a Harvard course developed by their student Matthew Basilico, this work provides an accessible and engaging framework for the study of global health. Insisting on an approach that is historically deep and geographically broad, the authors underline the importance of a transdisciplinary approach, and offer a highly readable distillation of several historical and ethnographic perspectives of contemporary global health problems. The case studies presented throughout Reimagining Global Health bring together ethnographic, theoretical, and historical perspectives into a wholly new and exciting investigation of global health. The interdisciplinary approach outlined in this text should prove useful not only in schools of public health, nursing, and medicine, but also in undergraduate and graduate classes in anthropology, sociology, political economy, and history, among others.

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