The Life of Judaism

2, Life of Religion
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Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 The Ethos of an Eastern European Community Ghitta Sternberg Chapter 2 Preparing for Passover in North Africa Irene Awret Chapter 3 Religious Roles of Elderly Women Susan Starr Sered Chapter 4 Synagogue Life among American Reform Jews Frida Kerner Furman Chapter 5 Orthodoxy in an American Synagogue Samuel C. Heilman Chapter 6 Worship in the Havura Movement Chava Weissler Chapter 7 Turning to Orthodox Judaism Lynn Davidman Chapter 8 Tradition and Innovation in the Marriage Ceremony Einat Ramon Chapter 9 A Bat Mitzvah among Russian Jews in America Fran Markowitz Chapter 10 Books as a Path to Jewish Identity Claudio Segre Chapter 11 Memory and the Holocaust: Two Perspectives Ismar Schorsch and Jackie Feldman Chapter 12 Meanings of the Western Wall Danielle Storper Perez and Harvey E. Goldberg Chapter 13 A Moroccan Jewish Shrine in Israel Yoram Bilu Chapter 14 Religion, Study, and Contemporary Politics Tamar El-Or Chapter 15 Ethiopian Jewry and New Self-Concepts Hagar Salamon Glossary Sources of the Selections Contributors Index
This edited collection is a multifaceted look at Judaism as it is practiced and experienced in contemporary Jewish societies around the world. Like the other volumes in the series, this book is intended to demonstrate the lived rather than the doctrinalized side of world religion.
Editiert von: Harvey E. Goldberg
b>Harvey E. Goldberg is Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the author of Jewish Life in Muslim Libya (1990) and editor of Sephardi and Middle Eastern Jewries (1996).

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