Cultural Citizenship in Island Southeast Asia: Nation and Belonging in the Hinterlands

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Acknowledgments Introduction: The Borders of Belonging Renato Rosaldo 1. The Martyr and the Mayor: On the Politics of Identity in the Southern Philippines Patricia Horvatich 2. Moro, Muslim, or Filipino? Cultural Citizenship as Practice and Process Lanfranco Blanchetti-Revelli 3. The Forest and the Nation: Negotiating Citizenship in Sarawak, East Malaysia J. Peter Brosius 4. Who Appears in the Family Album? Writing the History of Indonesia's Revolutionary Struggle Jane Monnig Atkinson 5. Citizens as Spectators: Citizenship as a Communicative Practice on the Eastern Indonesian Island of Sumba Joel C. Kuipers 6. The News in the Provinces Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing List of Contributors Index
This edited volume explores questions of national belonging from the point of view of hinterland groups in Indonesia, the Phillipines, and Sarawak, East Maylasia.
Editiert von: Renato Rosaldo
Renato Rosaldo is Lucie Stern Professor in the Social Sciences and Professor of Cultural and Social Anthropology at Stanford University and the author of Culture and Truth: The Remaking of Social Analysis (1989) and Ilongot Headhunting, 1883-1974: A Study in Society and History (1980).

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Autor: Renato Rosaldo
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