Mayo Ethnobotany: Land, History, and Traditional Knowledge in Northwest Mexico

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Preface Acknowledgments Part One 1. The People and the Land 2. A Brief Ethnography of the Mayos 3. Historical and Contemporary Mayos 4. Plant and Animal Life 5. Eight Plants That Make Mayos Mayos Part Two 6. Plant Uses 7. An Annotated List of Plants Appendix A. Mayo Region Place Names and Their Meanings Appendix B. Yoreme Consultants Appendix C. Gazetteer of the Mayo Region Appendix D. Mayo Plants Listed by Spanish Name Appendix E. Mayo Plants Listed by Mayo Name Appendix F. Glossary of Mayo and Spanish Terms Notes Works Cited Index
An ethnobotany of the Mayo Indians in northwestern Mexico.
Autor: David Yetman, Thomas Van Devender
David Yetman is Associate Research Social Scientist at The Southwest Center at the University of Arizona and author of Where the Desert Meets the Sea: A Trader in the Land of the Seri Indians (1988), Sonora: An Intimate Geography (1996), and Scattered Round Stones: A Mayo Village in Sonora, Mexico (1998). He is host of the PBS series "The Desert Speaks." Thomas R. Van Devender is Senior Research Scientist at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. He has published many articles on the ecology and evolution of the Sonoran desert and has done pioneering research to determine ancient climates and vegetation change through studies of packrat middens.

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Autor: David Yetman
ISBN-13 :: 9780520227217
ISBN: 0520227212
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.2002
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