Promoting Human Wellness: New Frontiers for Research, Practice, and Policy

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Foreword, by Cornelius L. Hopper and Irene Bronston Acknowledgments Introduction: New Frontiers for Research, Practice, and Policy, by Margaret Schneider Jamner PART ONE. NEW DIRECTIONS IN HUMAN WELLNESS PROMOTION 1. The Social Ecological Paradigm of Wellness Promotion, by Daniel Stokols 2. The Societal Context of Disease Prevention and Wellness Promotion, by Lester Breslow 3. Promoting Wellness: Biomedical versus Outcomes Models, by Robert M. Kaplan 4. Community Participation, Empowerment, and Health: Development of a Wellness Guide for California, by S. Leonard Syme 5. Genetic Determinism as a Failing Paradigm in Biology and Medicine: Implications for Health and Wellness, by Richard C. Strohman PART TWO. WELLNESS PROMOTION RESEARCH: INNOVATIVE STRATEGIES AND PERSPECTIVES 6. Creating Health Promotive Environments: Implications for Theory and Research, by Daniel Stokols 7. Theory-Based Evaluation: Investigating the How and Why of Wellness Promotion Programs, by Johanna Birckmayer and Carol Hirschon Weiss 8. Pregnancy Prevention Opportunities Focusing on the Younger Sisters of Childbearing Teens, by Patricia L. East 9. Immigrants May Hold Clues to Protecting Health during Pregnancy: Exploring a Paradox, by Sylvia Guendelman 10. Race and Health: Implications for Health Care Delivery and Wellness Promotion, by Mack Roach III 11. Health Promotion in Ethnic Minority Families: The Impact of Exposure to Violence, by Kathy Sanders-Phillips 12. Valuing Future Health in Social Policy and Human Health Behavior, by Theodore G. Ganiats and William J. Sieber PART THREE. WELLNESS PROMOTION PRACTICE: TOWARD MORE COMPREHENSIVE APPROACHES 13. Health Promotion at the Dawn of the Twenty-first Century: Challenges and Dilemmas, by Meredith Minkler 14. Bridging the Clinical and Public Health Approaches to Smoking Cessation: California Smokers' Helpline, by Shu-Hong Zhu and Christopher M. Anderson 15. Disease Prevention versus Health Promotion: Pitfalls of Preventive Care in the Geriatric Population, by Andrew Duxbury 16. Preventing Disability in Older Americans: The Challenge of the 21st Century, by John C. Beck 17. An Educational Approach to Engage Health Care Professionals in Wellness Promotion, by Stuart J. Slavin and Michael S. Wilkes 18. University-Community Partnerships to Promote Wellness in Children, Youth, and Families, by Philip R. Nader PART FOUR. WELLNESS PROMOTION POLICY: TOWARD A MORE EXPLICIT CONSIDERATION OF THE POLITICAL CONTEXT 19. Strategies for Reducing Youth Violence: Media, Community, and Policy, by Lawrence Wallack 20. Adolescent Sexuality and Health Care Reform, by Adele Dellenbaugh Hofmann 21. Improving Health and Safety in the Agricultural Workplace, by Marc B. Schenker 22. Enhancing Women's Health: Current Status and Directions in Research and Practice, by Annette L. Stanton, Sharon Danoff-Burg, and Sheryle J. Gallant 23. Cardiovascular Disease in Women: Exploring Myths and Controversies, by Amparo C. Villablanca 24. HIV/AIDS Prevention: Successes and Challenges, Craig R. Waldo and Thomas J. Coates Afterword Sheldon Margen and Joyce C. Lashof Notes on Contributors Index
Adapted from the Wellness Award Lectures co-sponsored by the University of California and the California Wellness Foundation, this work covers many of the issues and concerns connected with preventative medicine, written by twenty-four UC scholars in the field. Human wellness, A to Z.
Editiert von: Margaret Schneider Jamner, Daniel Stokols
Margaret Schneider Jamner is a Research Associate at the School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine. Daniel Stokols is Professor and Dean Emeritus of the School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine.

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