Street Photography Now

with 301 photograhs in color and black-and-white
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Essay 1 'Stare, Pry, Listen, Eavesdrop' . 12 photographer portfolios/biographies (Agou-Gilden) . Essay 2 'No Ideas But in Things' . 12 photographer portfolios/biographies (Girard-Marlow) . Essay 3 'Half of the World's Population Now Lives in Cities' . 12 photographer portfolios biographies (Mermelstein-Savelev) . Essay 4 'Some Truths Cannot Be Told Except as Fiction . 10 photographer portfolios/biographies (Snoek-Zuborn) . Street Photography Now: A Global Conversation
Here are forty-six contemporary image-makers who are noted for their candid depictions of life on the streets and in the subways, at shopping malls and movie theaters, on beaches and in parks.
Included are luminaries such as Magnum members Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, and Alex Webb (who are still "seeing what is invisible to others," as Robert Frank put it), along with an international group of emerging photographers whose individual biographies illuminate the stories behind their pictures of New York, Tokyo, Delhi, or Dakar.

Four thought-provoking essays and a global conversation between leading street photographers explore the compelling and often controversial issues in the genre. A select bibliography and a resource section for aspiring street photographers complete the book.
300+ full-color photographs

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Autor: Sophie Howarth
ISBN-13 :: 9780500289075
ISBN: 0500289077
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.06.2011
Verlag: Thames & Hudson
Gewicht: 1314g
Seiten: 240
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 273x239x24 mm
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