Across the Arctic Ocean

Original Photographs from the Last Great Polar Journey
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On 21 February 1968, Wally Herbert and his team of three companions and forty huskies set out from Point Barrow, Alaska, embarking on a journey that no one had ever attempted. Sixteen hard months later they finally set foot once more on solid land, having attained the North Pole and crossed the frozen Arctic Ocean for the first time via its longest axis. It stands today as one of the greatest expeditions of all time.
Illustrated with unpublished photographs and other personal materials from the Herbert archive, this exceptional photography book is a first-hand record of an astonishing journey one that with rising temperatures and Arctic ice melt will probably never be repeated. An impressive team of explorers and polar experts, including Wally Herberts daughter Kari, also provide their reflections and tributes to the expedition and to Wally Herbert, contributing to a remarkable visual and personal testimony of this historic event.
Prologue: In the Shadow of the Moon, Huw Lewis-Jones . Introduction: True Exploration, Sir Ranulph Fiennes . Chapter 1. Keen Young Men . Chapter 2. The Frozen Sea . Chapter 3. A Pioneer Journey . Chapter 4. Reflections by Peter Otway, Dmitry Shparo, Børge Ousland, Victor Boyarsky, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Martin Hartley, Cecilie Skog, Erling Kagge and Geoff Renner . Epilogue: My Father, Kari Herbert.
A photographic celebration of one of the twentieth century's greatest feats of exploration and geographic achievement: the 1968-69 surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean
Autor: Wally Herbert, Huw Lewis-Jones
Dr. Huw Lewis-Jones ist Historiker und Kurator am Scott Polar Research Institute der University of Cambridge. Er lebt in London.

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Autor: Wally Herbert
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Sonstiges: Buch, 277x228x30 mm, 157 illustrations, 86 in colour
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