How to Win on the Battlefield

The 25 Key Tactics of All Time
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Introduction; 1 The Attack at the Centre of Gravity ; 2 Counter-Attack; 3 Surprise Attack and Ambush; 4 Envelopment and Double-Envelopment; 5 Flanking; 6 Dominating the Terrain and Using the Environment; 7 Echelon Attack; 8 Committing the Reserve; 9 Blitzkrieg; 10 Concentration of Firepower; 11 Shock Action; 12 Co-ordination of Fire and Movement; 13 Concentration and Culmination of Force; 14 Seizing and Retaining the Initiative; 15 Off-Balancing and Pinning; 16 Mass; 17 Defence in Depth; 18 Strategic Offence and Tactical Defence; 19 Drawing the Enemy; 20 Deception and Feints; 21 Terror and Psychological Warfare; 22 Attrition and Annihilation; 23 Intelligence and Reconnaissance; 24 Insurgency and Guerrilla Warfare; 25 Counter-Insurgency
The essential military tactics that have enabled commanders from Alexander the Great to General Giap to achieve victory on the battlefield.
Autor: Rob Johnson, Michael Whitby
Rob Johnson is Deputy Director of the Changing Character of War Programme, Oxford University and Lecturer in the History ofWar.

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Autor: Rob Johnson
ISBN-13 :: 9780500251614
ISBN: 0500251614
Erscheinungsjahr: 12.04.2010
Verlag: Thames & Hudson Ltd
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Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 175x238x32 mm, 113 illustrations
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