The Complete World of Greek Mythology

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Complemented by lavish illustrations, genealogical tables, box features, and specially commissioned drawings, this is an essential reference tool for anyone interested in these classic tales and the world of the ancient Greeks.
Autor: R.G.A. Buxton
Richard G. A. Buxton is a classical scholar specialising in the study of ancient Greek mythology and literature. His many books include Imaginary Greece: the Contexts of Mythology.

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Autor: R.G.A. Buxton
ISBN-13 :: 9780500251218
ISBN: 0500251215
Erscheinungsjahr: 17.05.2004
Verlag: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Gewicht: 1198g
Seiten: 256
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 199x262x27 mm, 191 Illustrations, black and white; 139 Illustrations, color
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