Business Objects: Software Solutions

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Partial table of contents: BUSINESS OBJECTS AND SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURES FOR EFFECTIVE REUSE. Developing Information Systems from Components: The Role of CASE (J. Dodd). Developing Client-Server Systems Using OO Technology (S. Frost). Progress in CASE Support for Software Development Methods (A. Kennedy, et al.). DEVELOPMENT METHODS AND TOOLS. OMT Development Process, Vintage 1994 (D. Kavanagh). Object-Oriented Techniques Within Shell Research: Two Case Studies (G. Overboom). MANAGING THE TRANSITION. Managing the Move to Object Oriented Development (N. Whitehead). The Impact of Object Technology and OMG Standards on Software Development (E. Leach). SELECTED SOFTWARE TOOLS. Software for Object Oriented Development (L. Jennison).
Unlike most books on Object-Oriented development which concentrate almost exclusively on the methods and techniques, this book places OO in the context of the business world. Useful advice from practitioners is provided as well as descriptions of some of the new tools available.

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Autor: Kathy Spurr
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