Light Microscopy: Essential Data

Essential Data Series
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Basic Aspects of Light Microscopy. Types of Microscopy. Filters and Mirrors for Microscopy. Aberrations. Light Sources. Lens Nomenclature. Measurement Methods. Photomicrography. Fixation. Embedding and Cutting. Staining. Specific Delivery of Stains: Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence. DNA Probes for in situ Hybridization. Anti-Fading Agents and Specimen Mounting. Suppliers of Equipment and Chemicals. Further Reading. Glossary. Appendix. Index.
The application of light microscopy to biological problems has made an enormous impact in recent years. This volume provides the key data required to optimize the analysis of biological samples using the light microscope, irrespective of the type of method selected. The Essential Data series provides rapid access to the core data required by researchers on a daily basis, in convenient pocket-sized volumes.

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