Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use

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Partial table of contents: The Historical Context: Before 1850 (A. Grove). Changes in Traditional Mediterranean Land-Use Systems (N. Margaris, et al.). The MADALUS Core Field Programme: An Overview of Sites and Methodology (L. Cammeraat). The Rio Santa Lucia Site: An Integrated Study of Desertification (A. Aru). The Petralona and Hortiatis Field Sites (Thessaloniki, Greece) (J. Diamantopoulos, et al.). The Effects of Rock Fragments on Desertification Processes in Mediterranean Environments (J. Poesen K. Bunte). Mediterranean Ecology and an Ecological Synthesis of the Field Sites (S. Clark). The Response of Landscape Units to Desertification (A. Imerson, et al.). Index.
This book describes the findings of the MEDALUS project to explore the international scale of problems caused by desertification and to provide the tools and policies to deal with them. It deals with the physical and anthropological processes of desertification and the methods used to investigate them.

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