European Review of Social Psychology, Volume 4

4, European Review of Social Psyc
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The Common Ingroup Identity Model: Recategorization and the Reduction of Intergroup Bias (S. Gaertner, et al.). The Influence of Socio-Structural Variables on Identity Management Strategies (N. Ellemers). Group Identification, Intergroup Perceptions and Collective Action (C. Kelly). Group Cohesiveness: A Critical Review and Some New Directions (M. Hogg). Self-Enhancement and Superiority Biases in Social Comparison (V. Hoorens). Goal Achievement: The Role of Intentions (P. Gollwitzer). Deviance in Primary Groups: The Social Negotiation of Personal Change (A. Nadler). On the Experience of Injustice (G. Mikula). Indexes. Contents of Previous Volumes.
Part of an annual series which underlines the growing body of research in European social and personality psychology by reviewing and integrating the latest developments. Emphasis is placed on the assessment of major areas of research as well as topics of contemporary interest.

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Autor: Wolfgang Stroebe
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ISBN: 0471939072
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.08.1993
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