Advances in Multiuser Detection

99, Wiley Series in Telecommunicat
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Preface. Contributors. 1 Overview of Multiuser Detection (Michael L. Honig). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Matrix Channel Model. 1.3 Optimal Multiuser Detection. 1.4 Linear Detectors. 1.5 Reduced-Rank Estimation. 1.6 Decision-Feedback Detection. 1.7 Interference Mitigation at the Transmitter. 1.8 Overview of Remaining Chapters. References. 2 Iterative Techniques (Alex Grant and Lars K. Rasmussen). 2.1 Introduction. 2.2 Iterative Joint Detection for Uncoded Data. 2.3 Iterative Joint Decoding for Coded Data. 2.4 Concluding Remarks. References. 3 Blind Multiuser Detection in Fading Channels (Daryl Reynolds, H. Vincent Poor, and Xiaodong Wang). 3.1 Introduction. 3.2 Signal Models and Blind Multiuser Detectors for Fading Channels. 3.3 Performance of Blind Multiuser Detectors. 3.4 Bayesian Multiuser Detection for Long-Code CDMA. 3.5 Multiuser Detection for Long-Code CDMA in Fast-Fading Channels. 3.6 Transmitter-Based Multiuser Precoding for Fading Channels. 3.7 Conclusion. References. 4 Performance with Random Signatures (Matthew J. M. Peacock, Iain B. Collings, and Michael L. Honig). 4.1 Random Signatures and Large System Analysis. 4.2 System Models. 4.3 Large System Limit. 4.4 Random Matrix Terminology. 4.5 Incremental Matrix Expansion. 4.6 Analysis of Downlink Model. 4.7 Spectral Efficiency. 4.8 Adaptive Linear Receivers. 4.9 Other Models and Extensions. 4.10 Bibliographical Notes. References. 5 Generic Multiuser Detection and Statistical Physics
This book presents an overview of recent activity in the area of multiuser and joint detection techniques. It is made up of tutorial chapters on topics such as fundamental limits, iterative techniques, performance with random signatures, multiuser detection with fading channels, and interference avoidance.
Autor: Michael L. Honig
MICHAEL L. HONIG is a Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at Northwestern University.

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Autor: Michael L. Honig
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