The Cure: Heal Your Body, Save Your Life

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Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: The Search for Balance. 1 Balance and Imbalance. 2 My Quest for Truth. 3 Indecent Exposure. 4 Curing the Incurables. 5 Kathy's Story. 6 Creation, the Real Healer. 7 The Tin Man. 8 Sonya's Story. 9 Water, the River of Life. 10 My Study. PART TWO: The Program for Balance. 11 The Brantley Road Map to Balance. 12 A Little Inspiration. 13 What to Drink and When. 14 What to Eat and When. 15 Taking Out the Garbage. 16 Sun, Spirit, Exercise, Rest, Relaxation, Fun, and Forgiveness. 17 The Obesity Cure. 18 The Antiaging Cure. A Final Word: Health Is Your Divine Birthright. Author's Products. Bibliography. Index..
According to Dr. Timothy Brantley, most health problems are not caused by genetics or germs but by the standard American diet. Drawing on Brantley's groundbreaking research and his years of working with nutritional healing, "The Cure" contains a revolutionary step-by-step program that can flush toxins out of the body, restore balance, promote natural healing, and increase vitality.
Autor: Timothy Brantley
TIMOTHY BRANTLEY, PhD, ND, has done substantial original research in the area of nutritional medicine. He treats several well--known Hollywood and entertainment celebrities and is credited with having helped several seriously ill patients return to robust health. Dr. Brantleya s work has been featured in major national media. Visit his Web site at

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Autor: Timothy Brantley
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