Winners in the Second Half

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Julie Perigo
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1. Winning in the Second Half OR Seize a new opportunity.

Unconscious stereotyping.

Harder for high flyers.

Choosing the right words.

Reframing our perceptions.

Winning in the Second Half.

The Extended Career.

Developing the Gameplan: Seize a new opportunity.

2. The game has changed OR Claim your Generativity.

Government and society.



Letting go of the ladder - and when is enough 'enough'?

Generativity: the new definition of success.

The match with Level 5 leadership.

Integrating Generativity with personal career sustainability.

Developing the Gameplan: Claim your Generativity.

3. Becoming a Second Half hero OR Create your own role model.

Minorities and typologies.

The Defender.

The Referee.

On the Benches.

The Captain.

The Coach.

The Olympic Athlete.

The Master.

Developing the Gameplan: Create your own role model.

4. Winning against the odds OR Overcoming obstacles.

Confronting prejudices.

Myths and realities.

Diversity parallels.

Training and development for the over-50s - an oxymoron?

A New Age for education.

Obstacles of our own creation.

The age taboo.

The final obstacle: What comes next?

Developing the Gameplan: Overcoming obstacles.

5. Playing your own game OR Seek your own significance.

Earlier role models and expectations.

Who do we become?

Significance takes different forms.

Sea change and significance.

Silver linings and golden handshakes.

What if I don't know what I want to do?

Permissioning oneself to set intentions.

Developing the Gameplan: Seek your own significance.

6. Your legacy to the game OR Leverage your platform.

Values and meaning.

The importance of moving towards your aim.

Pushing the peanut forward.

What legacy to leave?

Leveraging the platform.

A special challenge.

Extended Careers - whose responsibility?

Developing the Gameplan: Leverage your platform.

7. Energy sources for a strong Second Half OR Sustainability: personal training for remaining a winner throughout.

Sustainable careers.

Fuelling sustainability.


Physical wellbeing.

Family and friends.

Fun and leisure.

Purposeful activity/work.

Continuous learning.

Self and spirituality.

Developing the Gameplan: Remaining a winner throughout.

Later career, 'the second half of the game', is not, as it is often perceived to be, a period of decline or a black hole, but an inspirational time of Generative Leadership and a challenging opportunity for better tactics.This book explores common fears and uncertainties about the second half of the game, enabling you to feel comfortable exploring opportunities previously outside of your comfort zone and feel confident about your future. The common language and frameworks will help you to influence your organisation to create innovative new models and opportunities around leadership, both for yourself and your colleagues.
Cases and stories from high profile business, public sector and sports professionals along side practical diagnoses, will inspire, show you how to take more personal control and determine what combination of things you really want in the second half - with the tools and techniques to make this happen.
This is a practical leadership guide for anyone in management concerned with what their life, career and leadership capabilities will look like once they approach and enter what used to be the traditional 'retirement' age and move into the second half of the game.
David Grayson, Director of the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility at Cranfield School of Management, "I know from both the demographic data across the developed world and the personal experiences of many people that I meet socially and professionally that Julie is on to something very timely with her message."

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