Design through Dialogue

A Guide for Architects and Clients
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Karen A. Franck
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Chapter 1 Introduction.

A Dialogue between Client and Architect.

A Relational Approach.

Our Dialogue.

Thank You.

Chapter 2 In Dialogue.

Client Architect.

Briefing and Designing.

The Brief and the Design.

Use and Form.

Inner Worlds and Outer Worlds.

Chapter 3 Relating

Beginning the Relationship.

Creating a 'Good Enough' Relationship.

Maintaining a Facilitating Environment.

Chapter 4 Talking.

Creating Meaning Together.

Talking in Groups.

Attending to Silence.

The Words Matter.

Chapter 5 Exploring.

Exploring as an Attitude.

Exploring as Actions.

Deciding What to Explore.

Chapter 6 Transforming.

Transforming at the Human Scale.

Looking Beneath the Surface.

Treating Type as a Question.

Scrutinizing Form and Use.

Transforming through Dialogue.

Architects and Clients.



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Completed projects receive more public attention than the process of their creation and so the myth that architects design buildings alone lives on. In fact, architects work with a great many others and the relationships that develop, particularly with clients, have a significant impact on design. Design through Dialogue explores the relationship between client and architect through the lens of four overlapping activities that occur during any project: relating, talking, exploring and transforming.

Cases of design and collaboration range from smaller scale retail, residential and educational projects in the US, Sweden, the UK and the Pacific Rim to large institutions, including Seattle's Central Library, the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC, the Supreme Court in Jerusalem and the Museum of New Zealand. Material is taken from interviews with clients and architects and research in psychotherapy, group dynamics and design studies. Throughout the book aspects of process are linked to design outcomes to illustrate how architects and clients collaborate creatively.

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