The Intuitive Manager

Harnessing the Sixth Sense
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Eugene Sadler-Smith
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Introduction - Your Most Valuable Asset

Chapter 1: Intuitive Mindware

Chapter 2: The Ambidextrous Mind

Chapter 3: Insights, Intuitions and the Moral Instinct

Chapter 4: Intuitive Mind Reading

Chapter 5: Intuitive Shortcuts

Chapter 6: Intuitive ESP

Chapter 7: The Intuitive Brain

Chapter 8: The Intuitive Entrepreneur

Chapter 9: Intuitive Leadership

Chapter 10: Intuitive Intelligence

This new agenda for the managerial mind will change the way you think and do business.

Eugene Sadler-Smith, a leading intuition researcher and educator in business and management, argues that human beings have one brain but two minds - analytical and intuitive. Management has overlooked the importance of intuition, and under-exploited the potential that the intuitive mind has to contribute in areas as diverse as decision making, creativity, team working, entrepreneurship, business ethics and leadership.

"The Intuitive Mind is a fascinating and practical book that will maximize your intuition and help you make better decisions today and predictions about tomorrow! Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung would most assuredly approve."

Steve W. Martin,
Heavy Hitter Sales Psychology: How to Penetrate the C-Level Executive Suite and Convince Company Leaders to Buy

"Eugene Sadler-Smith gives needed attention to the intuitive way of thinking and reminds us that leadership is an art as well as a science."

Cindi Fukami, Professor of Management, University of Denver, USA

"From one of our prominent 'thinkers' in the management education arena, we learn in The Intuitive Mind how to use our intuitive judgment to improve our managerial decision making."

Joe Raelin, The Knowles Chair for Practice-Oriented Education, Northeastern University, USA

"This timely, well researched and accessible book takes intuition out of the shadows and provides practical guidance to solve thorny problems."

Sebastian Bailey, Global Product Director, The Mind Gym

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