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Bob Nelson
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For Dummies

Introduction 1 Part I: So You Want to Be a Consultant 7 Chapter 1: Introducing the Wonderful World of Consulting 9 Chapter 2: Deciding Whether Consulting Is Right for You 23 Chapter 3: Taking the Plunge with Your Own Consulting Business 37 Part II: Get ting Your Consulting Business Of f the Ground 49 Chapter 4: Starting a Successful Consulting Business 51 Chapter 5: The Legal, Financial, and Ethical Considerations of Your Business 69 Chapter 6: What Are You Worth? Setting Your Fees91 Part III: The Consulting Process 109 Chapter 7: Defi ning the Problem and Writing a Winning Proposal 111 Chapter 8: Data Here, Data There, Data, Data, Everywhere 129 Chapter 9: Problem-Solving and Developing Recommendations 139 Chapter 10: Tell It Like It Is: Presenting Your Recommendations 147 Chapter 11: Implementation: Making Your Prescriptions Work 159 Part IV: Selling and Marketing Your Consulting Services 167 Chapter 12: The ABCs of Selling Consultancy 169 Chapter 13: Getting the Word Out: Promoting Your Business 183 Chapter 14: Building Business and Referrals through Current Clients 193 Chapter 15: Building Business with New Clients 205 Part V: Taking Care of Business 221 Chapter 16: Contracting for Business: It's a Deal! 223 Chapter 17: Keeping Track of Your Time and Money 235 Chapter 18: Communicating Your Way to Success 249 Chapter 19: Troubleshooting Issues and Problems 263 Part VI: Taking Your Consulting Business to the Next Level 275 Chapter 20: Building on Your Success 277 Chapter 21: Advanced Pricing Strategies 287 Chapter 22: Enhancing Your Image and Reputation 297 Part VII: The Par t of Tens 307 Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow 309 Chapter 24: Ten Effective Marketing Strategies for New Business 315 Chapter 25: Ten Ways to Build Business with a Client 321 Index 327
Whether you're an experienced consultant or considering a new career in consultancy, this straightforward guide offers a complete crash course in successful consulting. If you're new to the game it shows you how to get your business up and running quickly and profitably; if you're a seasoned pro you'll find new strategies and techniques to help you reassess your approaches and take your business to the next level. Packed with road-tested solutions, tips and strategies from consulting experts, this book shows you the easiest way to make a name for yourself and profit from your expertise.

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