Windows 7 For Seniors For Dummies

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Part I: Getting to Know Windows 7.

1: Getting Comfortable with the Windows 7 Desktop.

2: Examining the Anatomy of a Window.

3: Creating Your First Documents.

4: Organizing Your Documents.

Part II: Getting Things Done in Windows 7.

5: Taking Advantage of the Windows Accessories.

6: Installing and Removing Programs.

7: Working with Printers and Other Add-On Devices.

Part III: Discovering the Internet.

8: Connecting to the Internet.

9: Finding What You Need on the Web.

10: Sending and Receiving E-Mail.

Part IV: Having Fun with Windows 7.

11: Playing Games.

12: Enjoying Photos in Windows 7.

13: Listening to Music and Watching DVDs.

Part V: Having It Your Way with Windows 7.

14: Making Windows 7 More Fun to Use.

15: Using the Taskbar and Start Menu Smartly.

16: Making Windows 7 Easier to Use.

Part VI: Staying Safe and Keeping Windows 7 Healthy.

17: Updating Windows 7.

18: Protecting Your Computer.

19: Keeping Your Data Safe.

Windows(r) 7 For Seniors for Dummies
Learn to:
* Use the Windows 7 desktop and create your first documents
* Connect to the Internet and browse the Web
* View, edit, and print photos
* Keep in touch by e-mail and play games online

Mark Justice Hinton

Author of Digital Photography For Seniors For Dummies

You can learn to use Windows, get online, and start doing things today!

You don't need a grandchild to teach you Windows 7 - with this friendly guide, you'll be using the mouse, working with folders, hooking up a printer, and cruising the Internet in nothing flat. Learn to use all the gizmos that come with Windows 7, shop online, view a slideshow of your favorite photos, send e-mail to a friend, enjoy music, and more!
* Tour the desktop - learn to use menus, the Start menu button, files, and folders
* Do it - create notes and letters, connect a printer, download photos from your digital camera, and put music on a CD
* Have some fun - discover Solitaire and other built-in games, listen to music, and watch a movie
* Use the accessories - display Gadgets on your desktop, draw with Paint, and use the Calculator
* To keep or not - install additional programs you want and remove those you don't need
* Protect your Windows - learn to use the Action Center, download and install virus protection software, and keep it up to date
* Have it your way - make your screen easier to see, open files with a single click, and even have your computer read to you
* The wide, wide Web - shop and explore online and learn to stay safe

Open the book and find:
* What's on the taskbar
* Directions for creating and saving documents
* Steps for installing a printer and other peripherals
* How to connect to the Internet anywhere
* Backgammon and other games you can play online
* Guidance on protecting your computer from viruses
* How to send e-mail attachments
* Advice on backing up documents and photos
Autor: Mark J. Hinton
Mark Justice Hinton teaches all kinds of technology from digital photography to HTML. He maintains a blog at where he answers questions from his readers, and he is also the author of Digital Photography For Seniors For Dummies.

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