Accounting & Auditing Research

Tools & Strategies
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Chapter 1: Introduction to Professional Research
Chapter 2: Critical Thinking & Effective Writing Skills
Chapter 3: The Environment of Accounting Research
Chapter 4: Financial Accounting Research Tools
Chapter 5: The Environment of International Research
Chapter 6: Other Research Databases & Tools
Chapter 7: Tax Research for Compliance & Tax Planning
Chapter 8: Assurance Services & Auditing Research
Chapter 9: Refining the Research Process
Chapter 10: Fraud & Other Investigation Techniques
Accountants finally have a book that focuses on research completed in the field. This resource shows them the basics of performing research in advanced financial, tax, auditing, and fraud. They'll gain a better understanding of the basics of research tools so they'll be able to select the right one. Information is presented on IFRS and the Codification, including step-by-step details and screenshots. With this information, accountants will have the tools to succeed in the field.

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