Graduation Debt: How to Manage Student Loans and Live Your Life

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About the Author. Introduction. 1 Evaluating Your Student Debt Situation. 2 Organizing Your Student Debt Payments. 3 Consolidating Your Federal Loans. 4 Managing Your Private Loans and Payoff Strategies. 5 Budgeting for Your Lifestyle and Your Loans. 6 Paying Off Your Non-Student-Loan Debt. 7 Understanding How Your Debt Looks to Lenders. 8 Surviving Debt and Relationships. 9 Budgeting During Inflation. 10 Budgeting Through Layoffs, Pay Cuts, and Career Changes. 11 Paying Off Your Student Loans Early. 12 Reaping the Rewards of a Frugal Lifestyle. Index.
Graduation Debt is different from the competition because it provides a step-by-step road map for effectively managing student loan debt and having a successful financial life. Yet, it's completely positive. The focus is less on sacrifice and more on not wasting money, so readers can live better lives while paying off debt.
Autor: Reyna Gobel
Reyna Gobel, M.B.A., M.J., is a freelance journalist who specializes in financial fitness. Her financial advice appears regularly on and Yahoo! Finance, as well as other print and online outlets.

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Autor: Reyna Gobel
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