Fundamental Analysis For Dummies

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Introduction.Part I: What Fundamental Analysis Is and Why You Should Use It.Chapter 1: Understanding Fundamental Analysis.Chapter 2: Getting up to Speed with Fundamental Analysis.Chapter 3: Gaining an Upper Hand on Wall Street: Why Fundamental Analysis Gives Investors an Edge.Chapter 4: Getting Your Hands on Fundamental Data.Part II: How to Perform Fundamental Analysis.Chapter 5: Analyzing a Company's Profi tability Using the Income Statement.Chapter 6: Measuring A Company's Staying Power With the Balance Sheet.Chapter 7: Tracking Cash with the Statement of Cash Flows.Chapter 8: Using Financial Ratios to Pinpoint Investments.Chapter 9: Mining the Proxy Statement for Investment Clues.Part III: Making Money from Fundamental Analysis.Chapter 10: Looking for Fundamental Reasons to Buy or Sell.Chapter 11: Finding a Right Price for a Stock Using Discounted Cash Flow.Chapter 12: Using the Annual Report (10-K) to See What a Company Is Worth.Chapter 13: Analyzing a Company's Public Comments and Statements.Chapter 14: Gleaning from the Fundamental Analysis Done by Others.Chapter 15: Performing "Top Down" Fundamental Analysis.Part IV: Getting Advanced with Fundamental Analysis.Chapter 16: Digging into an Industry's Fundamentals.Chapter 17: Pinpointing Trends Using Fundamental Analysis.Chapter 18: Avoiding Investment Blow-Ups with Fundamental Analysis.Chapter 19: Marrying Fundamental Analysis with Technical .Part V: The Part of Tens.Chapter 20: Ten Examples of Fundamental Analysis Unearthing Financial Secrets.Chapter 21: Ten Things to Look at When Analyzing a Company.Chapter 22: Ten Things Fundamental Analysis Can't Do.Index.
How to determine the true strength and stability of any businessWhat's the key to multibillionaire Warren Buffett's five-decade run as the most successful investor in history? Fundamental analysis. Now, Fundamental Analysis For Dummies puts this tried and true method for gauging any company's true underlying value into sensible and handy step-by-step instructions..In this easy-to-understand, practical, and savvy guide you'll discover why this powerful tool is particularly important to investors in times of economic downturn and how it helps you assess a business's overall financial performance by using historical and present data to forecast its future monetary value. You'll also learn how to use fundamental analysis to spot bargains in the market, minimize your risk, and improve your overall investment skills.* Shows how to predict the future value of a business based on its current and historical financial data
* Helps you guage a company's performance against its competitors
* Covers evaluation of internal management
* Reveals how to determine if in a company's credit standing is any jeopardy
* Applies fundamental analysis to other investment vehicles, including currency, bonds, and commodities
* Matt Krantz is a writer and reporter for USA TODAY and USATODAY.COM where he covers investments and financial marketsRead Fundamental Analysis For Dummies and find the bargains that could make you the next Warren Buffett!
Autor: Matt Krantz
Matt Krantz is a writer and reporter for the Money section of USA Today and, where he covers investments and financial markets. He also writes a daily column for, "Ask Matt," which answers readers' investment questions. The author of Investing Online For Dummies, Krantz has appeared on Nightly Business Report and FOX Business.

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Autor: Matt Krantz
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