Roi for Nonprofits: The New Key to Sustainability

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Foreword. Preface. Introduction. About the Author. PART ONE Why ROI? CHAPTER 1 Demystifying the Status Quo. They're Big and In Business. Facts Are Facts. They're Everywhere. They Are Different. CHAPTER 2 The Changing Philanthropic Environment. Dead Economists and Nonprofits. Three Paradigm Shifts. The Leverage of Investors. The Evolving Landscape. An Unlevel Playing Field. CHAPTER 3 Organizational Reluctance. Learning from the For-Profit World. Five Classic Fundraising Misconceptions. More on "People Give to People Not Causes". More on "Nonprofit Can't Be Run Like a Business". Success Leaves Clues. Fear of "Putting Your Mission Up for Sale". CHAPTER 4 Organizational Change. Moving to an Investment-Based Mindset. Nonprofit vs. For-Profit Models. Moving Up the Motivational Pyramid. CHAPTER 5 Organizational Value/Nonprofit ROI. Beyond Logic Models-Moving from Outcomes to Outcome Value. The Silver Bullet Syndrome. Defining ROI. Valuing Values. The Value of Expected Value. CHAPTER 6 Introducing the Organizational Value Proposition(r). Market Pull. It's the Economy, Stupid! Revisited. Overcoming the Pushback. Structural Obstacles. Intended Uses. PART TWO ROI Foundations and Techniques. CHAPTER 7 Building an OVP(r) for Your Organization. Five Steps to Demonstrating Value. Areas of Focus. CHAPTER 8 Suggested Methodologies. Present Value Basics. Capital Budgeting. Present Value of Future Benefits. Multiplier Effects. Comparison Basics. Return Ratios. CHAPTER 9 Communicating an ROI-Based Program. Treating Investors as Investors. The Importance of an Investor Relations Program. Examples. But What Happens in Four Years? Unconventional Wisdom. CHAPTER 10 Putting OVP to Work: ROI Profiles. Organization 1: Rural, Small, and Dependent on Grants. Organization 2: Good Track Record, but Not Well Known. Organization 3: Demonstrating Importance to the Community. Organization 4: Large and Well Known, but Campaign Has Stalled. Organization 5: Large and Well Known, but ROI Not Obvious. Organization 6: Drilling Deep into the Private Sector. Organization 7: ROI Gene Wrong. Organization 8: Making the Economic Pie Bigger. INDEX.
The realities of today's economic environment have required that nonprofits, and those that raise money for them, make their case for support as strong as possible. Warm and fuzzy appeals that tug at the heart strings have met with limited success. Assuming that funding targets intuitively know the value of the good work being done is unrealistic. "ROI For Nonprofits: The New Key to Sustainability" details the methods and processes to help nonprofits raise money in an environment that increasingly demands accountability, transparency, and results. Chapters include: Organizational Reluctance, Organizational Change, Nonprofit ROI, Building an OVP(R) for Your Organization, Suggested Methodologies, Delivering an ROI-based Program, and Putting OVP to Work: OVP Case Studies.
Autor: Tom Ralser
Tom Ralser , founder of Capital Strategists Group, LLC, has worked with hundreds of organizations in forty-eight states. He has over eighteen years of experience working with organizations seeking his financial know-how and analytical skills. He holds the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and applies his skills to the challenging task of investment justification in the nonprofit world.

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Autor: Tom Ralser
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