Improving Healthcare Through Advocacy: A Guide for the Health and Helping Professions

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Preface . 1 Embedding Advocacy in the U.S. Health System. 2 How the U.S. Health System Contributes to Consumers' Seven Problems. 3 An Advocacy Practice Framework: Tasks, Skills, and Actions. 4 Case Advocacy Skills. 5 Advocacy to Protect Consumers' Ethical Rights. 6 Advocacy to Improve Consumers' Quality of Care. 7 Advocacy to Promote Culturally Competent Health Services. 8 Using Advocacy to Promote Prevention in Health. 9 Using Advocacy to Help Consumers Finance Their Healthcare. 10 Advocacy for Healthcare Consumers Needing Mental Health Services. 11 Advocacy to Help Consumers Receive Community-Based Care. 12 A Framework for Policy Advocacy by Healthcare Professionals. 13 Using Policy Advocacy to Embed Advocacy in Healthcare Organizations. 14 Policy Advocacy in Community, Electoral, and Government Settings. References . Author Index . Subject Index .
While vulnerable populations are most susceptible to lack of health care and inadequate services, all consumers are potentially at risk. This book uses an intervention framework and first-person case studies from health care workers and consumers to illustrate how everyone in the health care system can advocate effectively. Cases are provided from a wide range of health professionals and consumers. Written in a clear, jargon-free style, this book focuses on health care access and the treatment of vulnerable populations. Essential reading for social workers and front line health care workers.
Autor: Bruce S. Jansson
BRUCE S. JANSSON is the Margaret W. Driscoll/Louise M. Clevenger Professor of Social Policy and Administration at the University of Southern California. He has also served as the Moses Distinguished Research Professor at the City University of New York Graduate Center.

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Autor: Bruce S. Jansson
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