Competency-Based Assessments in Mental Health Practice

Cases and Practical Applications
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Chapter 1 An Introduction to the Competency-Based Assessment

Chapter 2 Formulating the Competency-Based Assessment Process: Some Basics

Chapter 3 Disorders in Infancy, Childhood, or Adolescence

Chapter 4 The Cognitive Disorders: Delirium and Dementia

Chapter 5 The Substance-related Disorders

Chapter 6 Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders

Chapter 7 The Mood Disorders

Chapter 8 Anxiety Disorders

Chapter 9 Somatoform, Factitious, and Malingering Disorders

Chapter 10 The Dissociative Disorders

Chapter 11 Eating Disorders

Chapter 12 The Personality Disorders

"Competency-Based Assessments in Mental Health Practice should be required reading for all clinical practitioners and students. Author Susan W. Gray provides a competency-based assessment model that moves away from looking at mental illness as a 'disease' to capturing people's strengths and the uniqueness of their experience with mental illness."--Alex Gitterma
Zachs Professor and Director of PhD Program

"Competency-Based Assessment in Mental Health Practice not only describes the rather cumbersome DSM-IV-TR(r) in a manner that graduate students and clinicians can easily understand and apply, but it also presents a competency-based type of clinical assessment that most effectively integrates the social work practice orientation that acknowledges, appreciates, and nurtures client strengths, resilience, and client ability for empowerment."
--Agathi Glezakos, PhD, LCSW
School of Social Work
California State University, Long Beach

A competency-based assessment model integrating
DSM classifications for a complete, strengths-based diagnosis

Competency-Based Assessments in Mental Health Practice introduces a unique, competency-based assessment that presents a brief overview of the major mental disorders that practitioners will likely encounter in their work with clients, followed by a series of case studies and practical applications.

This book provides valuable guidance for clinicians to make assessments grounded in client strengths and possibilities for a more therapeutically complete picture of every client's "story."

Organized around selected diagnostic categories from the DSM-IV-TR, this hands-on guide offers a multidimensional look at the many factors that play a role in a client's life. Its holistic approach to the assessment process considers each client's unique experience with mental illness, through a concurrent evaluation of strengths and pathology, in order to set the stage for realistic optimism about the potential for change.
Autor: Susan W. Gray
Susan W. Gray, PhD, EdD, LCSW, is a Professor in the School of Social Work at Barry University and was a member of the task force responsible for creating the Advanced Practice in Clinical Social Work Standards for the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

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Autor: Susan W. Gray
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