Thermodynamics of Pharmaceutical Systems: An Introduction to Theory and Applications

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Designed for pharmacy students

Now updated for its Second Edition, Thermodynamics of Pharmaceutical Systems provides pharmacy students with a much-needed introduction to the mathematical intricacies of thermodynamics in relation to practical laboratory applications. Designed to meet the needs of the contemporary curriculum in pharmacy schools, the text makes these connections clear, emphasizing specific applications to pharmaceutical systems including dosage forms and newer drug delivery systems.

Students and practitioners involved in drug discovery, drug delivery, and drug action will benefit from Connors' and Mecozzi's authoritative treatment of the fundamentals of thermodynamics as well as their attention to drug molecules and experimental considerations. They will appreciate, as well, the significant revisions to the Second Edition. Expanding the book's scope and usefulness, the new edition:
* Explores in greater depth topics most relevant to the pharmacist such as drug discovery and drug delivery, supramolecular chemistry, molecular recognition, and nanotechnologies
* Moves the popular review of mathematics, formerly an appendix, to the front of the book
* Adds new textual material and figures in several places, most notably in the chapter treating noncovalent chemical interactions
* Two new appendices provide ancillary material that expands on certain matters bordering the subject of classical thermodynamics

Thermodynamics need not be a mystery nor confined to the realm of mathematical theory. Thermodynamics of Pharmaceutical Systems, Second Edition demystifies for students the profound thermodynamic applications in the laboratory while also serving as a handy resource for practicing researchers.
Autor: Kenneth A. Connors, Sandro Mecozzi
Kenneth A. Connors is Professor Emeritus in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His research interests include organic analytical reactions, their catalysis, mechanisms, and applications, kinetic methods for the analysis of mixtures and the chemistry of molecular complexes.
Sandro Mecozzi received his PhD in 1996 from the California Institute of Technology, and joined the faculty of the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the School of Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, in 1999. He currently holds joint appointments in the departments of pharmacy and chemistry. His research interests include the areas of RNA recognition, fluorous self-assembly, and the development of novel drug delivery systems.

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Autor: Kenneth A. Connors
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