Yahoo! Web Analytics

Tracking, Reporting, and Analyzing for Data-Driven Insights
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Chapter 1 - Getting started
Chapter 2 - Content and advanced conversion tracking

Chapter 3 - Enterprise campaign tracking

Chapter 4 - Merchandizing tracking and reporting

Chapter 5 - Advanced implementations

Chapter 6 - Working with report results

Chapter 7 - Customizing report results

Chapter 8 - Advanced report customization with templates

Chapter 9 - Using dashboards

Chapter 10 - Distinctive reports and usage

Chapter 11 - API Usage

Chapter 12 - Paid Search analysis and optimization

Chapter 13 - Form analysis and optimization

Chapter 14 - General content analysis and optimization

Appendix A - Color Insert (Dashboards and Data Visualization)

Appendix B - Certified Agency Partners
Yahoo! Web Analytics teaches readers how to collect data, report on that data, and derive useful insights using Yahoo!'s free Web analytics tool . This detailed resource from Yahoo!'s Director of Data Insights discusses the why of Web analytics as well as the how while revealing secrets and tricks not documented elsewhere. The thorough book also offers step-by-step instructions and advanced techniques on everything from using data collection groupings to creating compelling data visualizations. It's a must-read for all analytics professionals and those who want to be.

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