In Due Season: A Catholic Life

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Author's Note. Introduction. Formation. 1. The Seventh Child. 2. A Vision. 3. High School: The Man in the Ten-Way Suit. 4. Coming Home, Leaving Home. 5. College: Red Arrow Park. 6. At Sea. 7. One Hot Day ... and Night. Making It. 8. A Young Reporter. 9. The Big Time, More or Less. 10. Home, Again. 11. On the Streets. Unmaking It. 12. CHIPS Days. 13. Present. 14. The Pilgrimage. 15. Not Present. 16. The Sofa. 17. 80 Winthrop. 18. The Scent of a Woman. As Good as It Gets? 19. On the Playing Fields of the Hamptons. 20. The Perfect Girl for You. 21. Tracy. Getting Bearings. 22. The Hermit. 23. Almost. 24. A Place to Park. 25. Father Greer. Life, Lived. 26. The Writing Life. 27. A Monk, at Last. 28. Why? Why Not? Returning. 29. Kolinovce. 30. Worthy or Not. 31. Return to St. Peter's. 32. A Light in the Window. Acknowledgments.
Paul Wilkes has been a writer/journalist, a TV producer, a monastic, a hedonist, a friend of the famous, a family man, and ultimately a true prodigal son. With "In Due Season," Wilkes, one of America's most respected writers on religious belief and spirituality, details his search for God--from his working class upbringing in Cleveland to giving up everything he owned and living with the poor to his hedonistic life among the rich and famous. Wilkes's inspiring life story is one of abysmal failure and ultimate triumph, of a faith in God, battered and tried in the crucible of his experience.
Paul Wilkes (Wilmington, NC) is a writer and filmmaker who is best known for his focus on religion, especially Roman Catholicism and its monastic tradition.
Autor: Paul Wilkes
Paul Wilkes is an American writer, speaker, and filmmaker who is best known for his focus on religion, especially Roman Catholicism and its monastic tradition. Wilkes has written for the New Yorker, New York Times Magazine, and Atlantic Monthly. His book, In Mysterious Ways: The Death and Life of a Parish Priest, won a Christopher Award. In addition to Merton, his PBS documentary, Paul was host and writer of the acclaimed television series Six American Families, which won a duPont-Columbia award for documentary excellence.

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Autor: Paul Wilkes
ISBN-13 :: 9780470423332
ISBN: 0470423331
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2009
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