RTLS for Dummies

For Dummies
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Part I: Getting Your Bearings in RTLS.
Chapter 1: Getting to Know RTLS.
Chapter 2: Knowing the Many Parts of an RTLS.
Chapter 3: Choosing the Right RTLS.
Part II: Implementing RTLS in Your World.
Chapter 4: Planning for a Successful Implementation.
Chapter 5: Preparing for Installation.
Chapter 6: Monitoring RTLS.
Chapter 7: Integrating RTLS.
Part III: Tag-A-Palooza: RTLS Technology Tour.
Chapter 8: Locating at Choke Points.
Chapter 9: Locating at Room Level.
Chapter 10: Precision Locating with Wide Area Coverage.
Chapter 11: Precision Locating with Local Area Coverage.
Chapter 12: Presence-Based Locating.
Chapter 13: Locating by Associating.
Part IV: Monitoring Performance and Securing RTLS.
Chapter 14: Measuring RTLS Performance.
Chapter 15: RTLS Vulnerabilities.
Part V: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 16: Ten RTLS Pitfalls.
Chapter 17: Ten Tips for Selecting an RTLS Vendor.
Chapter 18: Ten Best Ways to Use Batteries.
Part VI: Appendixes.
Appendix A: RTLS Resources and References.
Appendix B: Privacy Issues.
Appendix C: Realizing the Benefi ts of an RTLS.
* RTLS (Real Time Location System) is the technology that can not only identify an item but locate it at any distance -- used by hospitals, factories, car rental agencies, and other enterprises to quickly and easily locate lost equipment; it can also be used as a safety feature to locate hikers, children in amusement parks, or campers in remote locations* Covers RTLS methodologies and details on RTLS technologies, as well as what people should expect in a tag
* Gives details on implementing RTLS, cutting-edge applications, the initial deployment and maintenance, common pitfalls, and how to determine return on investment, evaluate RTLS solutions, select RTLS vendors, and manage RTLS security against vulnerabilities and possible attacks
* Ajay Malik is an RTLS patent holder and connected to RTLS manufacturers, vendors, and government and private sector customers
Autor: Ajay Malik
Ajay Malik has nearly 20 years of engineering and management experience. Prior to joining RF Technologies, he was the head of software engineering and advanced development in Motorola's Wireless LAN Division. He was the principal architect of Motorola RF Switch and championed Real Time Location System supporting multiple technologies.

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