Diversity and U.S. Foreign Policy: A Reader

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Ernest J. III Wilson
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Preface Introduction 1. Framing the Discussion of Globalization, Diversity and US International Affairs Ernest J. Wilson III Part 1: Growing Demographic Diversity in US Society 2. Global Work Force 2000: The new world labor market William B. Johnston 3. Travels into America's Future Robert D. Kaplan 4. The New Face of America: Blended races making a true melting pot Maria Puente and Martin Kasindorf Part 2: Political and Economic Diversity in the Global System 5. Don't Neglect the Impoverished South Robin Broad and John Cavanagh 6. The Dangers of Decadence: What the rest can teach the West Kishore Mahbubani Part 3: The Changing Face of America's International Affairs 7. Grass-Roots Policyrnaking: Say goodbye to the 'wise men' Michael Clough 8. Diversity in US Foreign Policy Making: The dilemma endures Allan E. Goodman 9. The FSO of Tomorrow Madeline K. Albright 10. A House Divided: Racism at the State Department Bruce Shapiro 11. Demographic Diversity and American Foreign Policy: Some empirical findings and the parameters of the debate Ernest J. Wilson III Part 4: The Politics of Multiculturalism in International Affairs 12. The Erosion of American National Interest Samuel Huntington 13. Multicultural Foreign Policy Yossi Shain 14. All Politics are Global: Interest groups and the making of foreign policy Eric M. Uslaner 15. Getting Uncle Sam's Ear: Will ethnic lobbies cramp America's foreign policy style? James M. Lindsay Part 5: Hispanic-Americans and US Foreign Policy 16. The Keenest Recruits to the Dream. The Economist Family Ties and Ethnic Lobbies: Latino relations with Latin America Rodolfo de la Garza, Miguel Baraona, Manuel Orozco, Harry P. Panchon and Adrian D. Pantoja 17. International Interests and Foreign Policy Priorities of Mexican-Americans Patricia Hamm 18. Dateline Washington: Cuban American clout Carla Anne Robbins 19. Here to Stay: The domestic and international priorities of Latino leaders The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute Part 6: Asian-Americans and US Foreign Policy 20. Bridges Across Continents: South Asians in the United States Arati Rao 21. Slanted Racial Prejudice is Part of What Fuelled the Clinton Campaign Scandal Robert Wright Part 7: Jewish-Americans and US Foreign Policy 21. The Genesis of the Special Relationship Between the United States and Israel, 1948-1973 Bat-Ami Zucker Part 8: Arab-Americans, Middle-Eastern Americans and US Foreign Policy 22. Local Politics is Global, as Hill Turns to Armenia Steven Mufson 23. American Foreign Policy in the Middle East and its Impact on the Identity of Arab Muslims in the United States Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad 24. How to Define a Muslim American Agenda Mohammed
As the public face of American has changed, so has the face of its foreign policy. Diversity and U.S. Foreign Policy, goes beyond the traditional texts that focus on foreign policy only as a contest between super-powers to grapple with multiculturalism in America and multipolarism on the international state.

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