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Rita Charon
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Acknowledgements Introduction: Memory and Anticipation: The Practice of Narrative Ethics, Rita Charon and Martha M. Montello Part I: Narrative Knowledge 1. Narratives of Human Plight: A Conversation with Jerome Bruner, Jerome Bruner 2. The Ethics of Medicine, as Revealed in Literature, Wayne Booth 3. Like an Open Book: Reliability, Intersubjectivity, and Textuality in Bioethics, Laurie Zoloth and Rita Charon Part II: Narrative Components of Bioethics 4. Context: Backward, Sideways, and Forward, Hilde Lindemann Nelson 5. Voice in the Medical Narrative, Suzanne Poirer 6. Time and Ethics, Rita Charon 7. The Idea and Character, Anne Hunsaker Hawkins 8. Plot: Framing Contingency and Choice in Bioethics, Tod Chambers and Kathryn Montgomery 9. The Reader's Response and Why It Matters in Biomedical Ethics, Charles M. Anderson and Martha Montello Part III: Case Studies in Narrative Ethics 10. The Narrative of Rescue in Pediatric Practice, Walter Robinson 11. Beyond the Authoritative Voice: Casting a Wide Net in Ethics Consultation, Susan Rubin 12. Of Symbols and Silence: Using Narrative and Its Interpretation to Foster Physician Understanding, Marcia Day Childress 13. Narrative Understanding and Methods in Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Richard Martinez 14. In the Abscence of Narrative, Julie Connelly Part IV: Consequences of Using Narrative Methods 15. Narrative Ethics and Institutional Impact, Howard Brody 16. Reconsidering Action: Day-to-Day Ethics in the Work of Medicine, John Lantos17. The Color of the Wallpaper: Training for Narrative Ethics, Anne Hudson JonesPart V: The Narrative Future of Ethics Practice 18. The Hyphenated Space: Liminality in the Doctor-Patient Relationship, Ronald Carson 19. Narrative Ethics, Gene Stories, and the Hermeneutics of Consent Forms, Larry Churchill 20. Narrative, Ethics, and Pain: Thinking with Stories, David Morries 21. The Story Inside, Joanne Trautmann Banks Notes on Contributors Permissions Index
The doctor patient relationship starts with a story. Doctors' notes, a patient's chart, the recommendations of ethics committees and insurance justifications all hinge on written and verbal narrative interaction. The "practice" of narrative profoundly affects decision making, patient health and treatment and the everyday practice of medicine. In this edited collection, the contributors provide conceptual foundations, practical guidelines and theoretical considerations central to the practice of narrative ethics.

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