Native and Christian

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James Treat
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I Spirituality and History 1. Indian Spirituality: Another Vision 2. Who Can Sit At the Lord's Table? The Experience of Indigenous Peoples 3. An Aboriginal Christian Perspective on the Integrity of Creation 4. Rivers of Life: Native Spirituality for Native Churches 5. The Old Testament of Native America II Liberation and Culture 6. Reclaiming our Histories 7. Canaanites, Cowboys, and Indians: Deliverance, Conquest, and Liberation Theology Today 8. Vision and Community: A Native American Voice 9. Spirituality, Native American Personhood, Sovereignty, and Solidarity 10. Native Americans and Evangelization III Tradition and Community 11. Remember the Sabbath Day 12. The Challenge of the Future: Creating a Place Called Home 13. Program Development and Native American Catechesis 14. The Sacred Circle: Native American Liturgy 15. The Meeting of the Two Ways 16. The Native American Church of Jesus Christ IV Transformation and Survival 17. The Story and Faith Journey of a Native Catechist 18. Returning 19. Plucked from the Ashes 20. Two Paths 21. The Native Church: A Search for an Authentic Spirituality
Native and Christian is an anthology of essays by indigenous writers in the United States and Canada on the problem of native Christian identity. This anthology documents the emergence of a significant new collective voice on the North American religious landscape. It brings together in one volume articles originally published in a variety of sources (many of them obscure or out-of-print) including religious magazines, scholarly journals, and native periodicals, along with one previously unpublished manuscript.

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