Secrecy and Tradecraft in Educational Administration: The Covert Side of Educational Life

Routledge Research in Educatio
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Introduction: Through the Looking Glass Part 1: Foundational Theories and Critiques A History of the Covert in Education. The Covert in Administration and Leadership Studies. In the Shadow of Organizational Power and Politics. The Ever Popular Arts of War and Mirrors of Princes. The Covert in Organizational Culture, Aesthetics, and Language. The Psychology of Clandestine Behaviour Part 2: The Structure of the Covert: Operationalizing Clandestine Activities General Principles of the Covert: Lessons from Spymasters. Recruitment, Training and Collection. Processing, Analysis and Dissemination. Covert Action: From Disinformation to Sabotage and Destroying the 'Enemy'. Counter-Intelligence, Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance. Conclusion: To Spy or Not to Spy: Moral Considerations.
Autor: Eugenie A. Samier
Eugenie A. Samier is Associate Professor at the British University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and a Visiting Fellow of Oxford Brookes University, UK. Her research concentrates on administrative philosophy and theory, interdisciplinary foundations of administration, theories and models of educational leadership, and comparative educational administration.

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Autor: Eugenie A. Samier
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