Virtue Ethics and Confucianism

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Part One: Debating the Scope and Applicability of Virtue and Virtue Ethics 1.1 Chen Lai Virtue Ethics and Confucian Ethics 1.2 Philip J. Ivanhoe Virtue Ethics and the Chinese Confucian Tradition 1.3 Lee Ming-huei Confucianism, Kant, and Virtue Ethics 1.4 Bryan Van Norden Toward a Synthesis of Confucianism and Aristotelianism 1.5 Liu Liangjian Virtue Ethics and Confucianism: A Methdological Reflection 1.6 Wong Wai-ying Confucian Ethics and Virtue Ethics Revisited Part Two: Happiness, Luck, and Ultimate Goals 2.7 Michael Slote The Impossibility of Perfection 2.8 Matthew Walker Structured Inclusivism about Human Flourishing: A Mengzian Formulation 2.9 Benjamin Huff The Target of Life in Aristotle and Wang Yangming 2.10 Sean Walsh Varieties of Moral Luck in Ethical and Political Philosophy for Confucius and Aristotle Part Three: Practicality, Justification, and Action Guidance 3.11 Yu Jiyuan The Practicality of Ancient Virtue Ethics: Greece and China 3.12 Lo Ping-cheung How Virtues Provide Action Guidance - Confucian Military Virtues At Work 3.13 Xiao Yang Rationality and Virtue in the Mencius 3.14 Huang Yong Between Generalism and Particularism: The Cheng Brothers' Neo-Confucian Virtue Ethics Part Four: Moral Psychology and Particular Virtues 3.15 Sarah Rushing What is Confucian Humility? 3.16 Angle, Stephen Is Conscientiousness a Virtue? Confucian Answers 3.17 Kai Marchal The Virtues of Justice in Zhu Xi 19. Andrew Terjesen Is Empathy the "One Thread" Running Through Confucianism? 20. Marion Hourdequin The Limits of Empathy
This volume presents the fruits of an extended dialogue among American and Chinese philosophers concerning the relations between virtue ethics and the Confucian tradition. Based on recent advances in English-language scholarship on and translation of Confucian philosophy, the book demonstrates that cross-tradition stimulus, challenge, and learning are now eminently possible. Anyone interested in the role of virtue in contemporary moral philosophy, in Chinese thought, or in the future possibilities for cross-tradition philosophizing will find much to engage with in the twenty essays collected here.
Editiert von: Stephen Angle, Michael Slote
Stephen Angle is Professor of Philosophy at Wesleyan University Michael Slote is Michael Slote is UST Professor of Ethics at the University of Miami

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