Mary Magdalene in Medieval Culture: Conflicted Roles

04, Routledge Studies in Medieval
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Foreword Katherine L. Jansen. Introduction: Where Sacred Meets Secular: The Many Conflicted Roles of Mary Magdalene Peter Loewen and Robin Waugh Part I: Roles in Development 1. Apostle to the Apostles: The Complexity of Medieval Preaching about Mary Magdalene Larissa Juliet Taylor 2. The Proto-Cistercian Office for Mary Magdalene and Its Changes in the Course of the Twelfth Century Alicia Scarcez 3. The Invention and Development of the 'Secular' Mary Magdalene in Late Renaissance Florentine Painting Heidi Hornik Part II: Roles in Tension 4. Mary Magdalene as a Model of Devotion, Penitence, and Authority in The Gospels of Henry the Lion and Matilda Elizabeth Monroe 5. The Late Medieval Mary Magdalene: Sacredness, Otherness, and Wildness Joana Antunes 6. Challenging Cluny in England?: Effacing the Priest in the Magdalene Liturgies at Lewes and Pontefract Donna Alfano Bussell Part III: Mary Magdalene's Roles in Action 7. From Apostola Apostolorum to Provencal Evangelist: On the Evolution of a Medieval Motif for Mary Magdalene Diane Apostolos-Cappadona 8. Mary Magdalene Converts Her Vanities Through Song: Signs of Franciscan Spirituality and Preaching in Late-Medieval German Drama Peter Loewen 9. 'I wolde I wer as worthy to ben sekyr of thy lofe as Mary Mawdelyn was:' The Magdalene as an Authorizing Tool in the Book of Margery Kempe Juliette Vuille Part IV: Mary Magdalene's Proto-feminist and other Subversive Roles 10. The Voice of the Heart in a Box in the Middle English Lamentation of Mary Magdalene Robin Waugh 11. 'Now is aloft pat late was ondyr!': Enclosure, Liberation, and Spatial Semantics in the Digby Mary Magdalene Play Joanne Findon 12. The Singing Prophetess: Mary of Magdala in J. S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion Corinna Herr. Afterword Theresa Coletti.

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