Britain in Vietnam: Prelude to Disaster, 1945 46

Military History and Policy
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Introduction. Prologue 1. A Jewel in France's Crown 2. Japan, Britain and French Indochina 3. The Anglo-American Alliance and Indochina 4. The Japanese Coup of March 9 1945 and its Consequences 5. The August Revolution 6. The Coming of the British 7. The Death of an OSS Man 8. War with the Vietminh 9. The Last Phase 10. Gracey's Farewell 11. The Slide to Disaster 12. A Rubicon Crossed 13. Conclusion
A study of the circumstances leading to British intervention in Vietnam in 1945, and the course and consequences of this intervention. It links French colonialism with the native communist insurgency, while examining British and Foreign Office attitudes towards French Indochina.
Autor: Peter Neville
Kingston University, UK

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Autor: Peter Neville
ISBN-13 :: 9780415487474
ISBN: 0415487471
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