Young People's Voices in Physical Education and Youth Sport

International Studies in Physi
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Introduction: Revisioning Young People's Voices in Physical Education and Sport Part 1: Exploring Voice in Different Settings 1. Students' Evolving Meanings and Experiences with Physical Activity and Sport 2. The Body, Physical Activity and Inequity: Learning to Listen with Girls through Action 3. Students' Curricular Values and Experiences Part 2: Multiple Identities Of Adolescent Populations 4. Finding Their Voice: Disaffected Youth Insights on Sport/Physical Activity Interventions 5. Using Ethnography to Explore The Experiences Of A Student With Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Physical Education 6. Hypermasculinity in Schools: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 7. Looking Back, Looking Sideways: Adult Perspectives about Student Experiences of Queerness in Canadian Physical Education Part 3: Theoretical Frames and Methodological Approaches 8. Push Play Every Day: New Zealand Children's Constructions of Health and Physical Activity 9. "Carving A New Order" of Experience With Young People in Physical Education: Participatory Action Research as a Pedagogy of Possibility 10. Got The Picture? Exploring Student Sport Experiences Using Photography as Voice Epilogue Hearing, Listening and Acting
This important new book attempts to engage more directly than ever before with the experiences of young people by placing the voices of the young people themselves at the centre of the discussion. As the need to listen to young people becomes increasingly enshrined in public policy and political debate, this book illuminates our understanding of an important aspect of the everyday lives of many young people.
Editiert von: Mary O'Sullivan, Ann MacPhail
University of Limerick, Ireland Roehampton University, UK

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