The Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution: A Critical History

05, Routledge Advances in Heterodo
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Introduction, 1. Basic Concepts 2. Forerunners and Founders 3. Followers and Critics: 1900-1920: From Hobson to Adriance 4. Followers and Critics: 1920-1940: From Cassel to Fraser 5. Followers and Critics After 1940: From Kaldor to Blaug 6. Summary of Main Themes 7.Miscellaneous Considerations 8. The Normative Language of the Non-normative MPTD 9. General Conclusion: Neither Normative Nor Positive
Argues that the Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution MPTD is valid, neither as a normative theory of social justice, nor as a positive law of economics. This book suggests that economics is yet to develop a satisfactory theory of distribution that is scientific in the quantitative or mathematical sense.
Autor: John Pullen
University of New England, Australia

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Autor: John Pullen
ISBN-13 :: 9780415487122
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