Women's Movements in Asia: Feminisms and Transnational Activism

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1. Introduction: Women's Movements from the Asian Perspective Mina Roces 2. Feminism and the Women's Movement in the World's Largest Islamic Nation Sue Blackburn 3. Rethinking 'the Filipino Woman': A Century of Women's Activism in the Philippines Mina Roces 4. Chinese Feminism in a Transnational Frame: Between Internationalism and Xenophobia Louise Edwards 5. Transnational Networks and Localized Campaigns: The Women's Movement in Singapore Lenore Lyons 6. Crossing Boundaries: Transnational Feminisms in Twentieth Century Japan Barbara Molony 7. Feminism, Buddhism and Transnational Women's Movements in Thailand Monica Lindberg Falk 8. Following the Trail of the Fairy-Bird: The Search for a Uniquely Vietnamese Women's Movement Alessandra Chiricosta 9. The Hong Kong Women's Movement: Towards a Politics of Difference and Diversity Adelyn Lim 10. Military Rule, Religious Fundamentalism, Women Empowerment and Feminism in Pakistan Andrea Fleschenberg 11. Mapping a Hundred Years of Activism: Women's Movements in Korea Seung-kyung Kim and Kyounghee Kim 12. 'Riding a Buffalo Across a Muddy Field': Heuristic Approaches to Feminism in Cambodia Trudy Jacobsen 13. Rights Talk and the Feminist Movement in India Sumi Madhok
Written by leading international experts, this book provides an overview of the history and current context of feminism in 12 Asian countries. It includes suggestions for further study, and an integrated cross-national timeline. It is suitable for use on courses looking at women and feminism in Asia.
Editiert von: Mina Roces, Louise Edwards
Louise Edwards is Professor of Modern China Studies at the University of Hong Kong. Mina Roces is an Associate Professor in the School of History and Philosophy, The University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia.

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