Introducing Vygotsky

Introducing Early Years Thinkers
A Guide for Practitioners and Students in Early Years Education
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Selected Contents: 1. Beginnings: Towards a Sociohistorical Appreciation. 2. On Mediation, Memory and Cultural Tools. 3. More on Culture, Context and Tools. 4. On Language, Concepts and Thinking. 5. Learning and Teaching. 6. Activity Theory. 7. On Play and Meaning. 8. On Bridging the Gap: More About the zpd. 9. What we Have Learned: A Summary. 10. Vygotsky's Children.
Introduction to the work of this key Early Years thinker.
Autor: Sandra Smidt
Sandra Smidt is a writer and consultant in Early Years education.

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Autor: Sandra Smidt
ISBN-13 :: 9780415480574
ISBN: 0415480574
Erscheinungsjahr: 08.12.2008
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd
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Seiten: 176
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 233x156x11 mm, 11 Tables, black and white
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