Population Decline and Ageing in Japan: The Social Consequences

16, Routledge Contemporary Japan
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1. Facts and Discourses 2. The Problem of Generations and the Structure of Society 3. Social Networks 4. The Lonely Child 5. Women and Men at Work 6. The Socialisation of Care 7. 'Mature' Customers 8. Longevity Risk and Pension Funds 9. Government of the Elderly, by the Elderly and for the Elderly 10. Limits to Ageing? 11. Foreigners Welcome? 12. Population Ageing and Social Change
Focusing on the experience of Japan, this work argues that social ageing is a phenomenon that follows in the wake of industrialization, urbanization and social modernization, bringing about changes in values, institutions, social structures, economic activity, technology and culture, and posing many challenges for the countries affected.
Autor: Florian Coulmas
Florian Coulmas is Director of the German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo, Japan. He also holds the chair of Japanese studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen. He has published widely on Japanese society and culture, and his publications, in English, German and Japanese, include several monographs, two textbooks, dictionaries and an encyclopaedia.

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Autor: Florian Coulmas
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