The Irregular School: Exclusion, Schooling and Inclusive Education

Foundations and Futures of Edu
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Foreword by Tony Knight Acknowledgments Chapter 1. Approaching Accents Chapter 2. The Worlds We Live In Chapter 3. Unravelling Collective Indifference Chapter 4. Building A Theory Of Inclusive Education Chapter 5. It's What Governments Do - Policy Inaction Chapter 6. From Segregation To Integration To Inclusion And Back Chapter 7. Building Authority, Dividing Populations And Getting Away With It (Exposing a system of rationality) Chapter 8. Considering Other Possibilities - The Irregular School
Explores the foundations of controversies and confusions in inclusive education by tracing the historical origins of both special and inclusive education, offering propositions for moving inclusive education forward.
Autor: Slee Roger, Roger Slee
Roger Slee is Professor of Inclusive Education at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK.

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Autor: Slee Roger
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