The Eu and the European Security Strategy: Forging a Global Europe

Routledge Advances in European
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Introduction 1. The European Security Strategy in Context: A Comprehensive Trend 2. The European Security Strategy and Threats: Is Europe Secure? 3. The European Security Strategy's Global Objective: Effective Multilateralism 4. The European Security Strategy's Regional Objective: Neighbourhood Policy 5. The European Security Strategy and Military Capacity: The First Significant Steps 6. The European Security Strategy and the Partners 7. The European Security Strategy and the Continuing Search for Coherence 8. The European Security Strategy and the United States: The Past as Prologue. Conclusion
The European Security Strategy (ESS) has become an important reference framework for the EU since its inception in 2003. This book examines the underlying concepts and implementation of the ESS as a judging tool of all the European Union's external actions.
Autor: Biscop Sven
Editiert von: Sven Biscop
Sven Biscop is a senior research fellow at the Royal Institute for International Relations in Brussels and professor of European security at Ghent University, Belgium. Jan Joel Andersson is programme director and a research fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, he also teaches international relations at Stockholm University, Sweden.

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Autor: Biscop Sven
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