Contextualizing Inclusive Education: Evaluating Old and New International Paradigms

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Introduction: Sixteen propositions on the contexts of inclusive education David Mitchell 1. The Global Context of Inclusive Education: The role of the United Nations Peter Mittler 2. Inclusive Education in the Globalization Age: The promise of a comparative cultural-historical analysis Alfredo Artiles and Alan Dyson 3. Philosophy, Politics and Economics? The story of inclusive education in England Alan Dyson 4. Push and Pull: Forces that are shaping inclusion in the United States and Canada Margaret J. McLaughlin and Anne Jordan 5. Inclusive Education in some Western European Countries: Different policy rhetorics and school realities Ingemar Emanuelsson, Peder Haug and Bengt Persson 6. Education and the Problem of Recognition: An Australian snapshot Roger Slee 7. Diverse Socio-cultural Contexts for Inclusive Education in Asia David Mitchell and Ishwar Desai 8. Equity and Inclusive Education in Latin America Todd Fletcher and Alfredo J. Artiles 9. Inclusive Education in South Africa: An emerging pedagogy of possibility Sigamoney Manicka Naicker 10. Inclusive Education in Middle Eastern Cultures: The challenge of tradition Ronald C. Brown 11. Directions for the Future Todd Fletcher
Inclusive education is a complex and problematic concept that raises many questions. This book argues that social, political, economic and cultural contexts play a central role in determining whether or not inclusive education is implemented in a range of regions and countries around the world.
Autor: Mitchell David
Editiert von: School of Educa David Mitchell, David Mitchell
Dr David Mitchell is an inclusive education consultant based in New Zealand. He is a former Professor of Education at the University of Waikato and an Honorary Resarch Fellow at Manchester University. He has been a UNESCO consultant on inclusive education since 1993, and he recently published What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education, also with Routledge.

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Autor: Mitchell David
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